Extreme Landscaping: Projects
2015 Gallery
Project - Drainage
Site work/ Stone Work/ Planting/ Maintenance
Everything, Grading, Planting
Project Grading, Stone Work, Planting, Maintenance, Design
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Everything, Grading, Maintenance, Stone
Project Everything
Stone Work
Project - Everything
Project Planting. Grading
Project Stone Work
Project - Everything
Project Grading, Planting, Stone Work
Project - Lights
content coming soon
Project - Everything
Extreme Landscaping

We are trained landscape professionals who are able to see the potential of your property and then create an aesthetic vision that combines the owner’s wants and needs with the physical realities of the existing landscape. A well designed and properly installed landscape can increase your property value by seventeen percent. A poorly conceived and executed landscape can decrease property value, waste considerable time and money and possibly present a liability risk. At every scale, a design that is sustainable integrates the natural structure of the site with the created landscape. Our design strategies consider the unique aspects of a specific site — from its soils, water, and bedrock geology, to its plants, people, and land-use history.