Extreme Landscaping: Projects
2015 Gallery
Project - Drainage
Site work/ Stone Work/ Planting/ Maintenance
Everything, Grading, Planting
Project Grading, Stone Work, Planting, Maintenance, Design
content coming soon
Everything, Grading, Maintenance, Stone
Project Everything
Stone Work
Project - Everything
Project Planting. Grading
Project Stone Work
Project - Everything
Project Grading, Planting, Stone Work
Project - Lights
content coming soon
Project - Everything

We Offer the Following Services


Landscape Design:
The most rewarding part of the design is stepping back after completion and viewing how the entire project has come together.
Landscape Construction:
Stone Work is so rewarding because of the fact that it will be around longer than we will be.
Landscape Maintenance:
Tree pruning; Shrub, Lawn and Garden Care.